• Bird Watches Kardashian Sex Tape

    Bird Mimics Kim K's Sex Tape Audio

    This poor bird has been overly-subjected to Kim Kardashian's sex tape with Ray J. Headphones recommended if listening at work.

  • Lion Tries to Eat Baby

    Lioness Desperately Wants to Eat That Baby

    His face is so pink and plump. His body looks like a tiny zebra.

  • Otter Teaches Babies to Swim

    Otter Pups Swim Lessons

    Otters do not know instinctively how to swim when they are born. Watch this Otter Mom give her pup swimming lessons.

  • Family Guy Season 9 Chicken Fight

    Family Guy Chicken Fight

    This video was originally uploaded by Fox Broadcasting to tease the upcoming season of Family Guy. Bring on the fight!

  • Reporter

    Reporter Gets a Fly in His Mouth

    A fly zooms into a reporter's mouth and the viewer is witness to an impromptu "ghetto take." Video may not be appropriate for "country ass mutha fuckas."

  • Pinky the Cat

    Pinky the Cat

    Pinky the Cat attacks the pet adoption pitch man. Nobody puts Pinky in a box. Check out this all-time fave of one crazy, temperamental feline.

  • Charlie the Unicorn

    Charlie the Unicorn

    Find out what happens when mythical creatures journey to an imaginary place. Seriously, Charlie... come with us and find out what happens. Please, Charlie.

  • Ninja Cat

    Ninja Cat

    This cat, with Ninja-like abilities, slowly gets closer and closer to the camera without ever moving. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Ninja Cat!

  • Battle Kruger

    Battle at Kruger

    This is an eight-minute amateur wildlife video depicting a confrontation between a herd of Cape buffalo, a pride of lions and crocodiles.

  • exploding whale

    Exploding Whale

    A whale washes ashore and needs to be taken off the beach. What seems like a smart solution at first, turns out to be a colossally fucking stupid idea.


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