• elmo
    Elmo No Likey
  • Pope shoes
    Pope Bling
  • Fundusky
    Try this new system
  • most interesting manThe Most Interesting Lube in the World
  • extreme fuck overThere is a Hot New Show on ABC
  • maxipadClick Here to See Apple's Latest Invention
  • campbell's soupAndy Warholics Anonymous
  • football campLittle Boys Sure Love to Play Football
  • rocket testThe Supreme Leader's Wet Noodle
  • Nanook tabletNanook of the North Gets an e-Reader
  • iGloo tabletApple's Answer to Barnes and Noble
  • Animal HouseAnimal House Online
  • MillionaireWould you like to use one your wake-up calls now?
  • Cleveland SteamerWhat do you give the guy who has everything?
  • Greedo FacebookGreedo Only Shares Some Information Publicly
  • incontinenceYou smell terrific, sir.
  • ShaftSsshh--Shut Your Mouth
  • Fat LadyWhat's Eating Gilbert Grape? No, seriously.
  • Janary JonesDiscover the Healing Power Within
  • JeopardyWhat is Hot Karl?
  • Mark SanchezEver tried the "Squeaky Clean Tebow" position?
  • female typistMore Than a Sandwich Maker!!
  • Snitches Get StitchesIt May or May Not Have Been Col. Mustard in the Library with the Knife
  • Rusty TromboneWow! That Trombone is Really Rusty!


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