Wrong 'N' Word Doesn't Make A Civil Right

TUSCALOOSA, AL--- In an attempt to follow the example of the 2007 NAACP funeral for the 'N' word and sexist language, the University of Alabama Student Club for Diversity awkwardly buried the wrong 'N' word (or acronym in this case).

During the ceremonial burial, a small placard reading "NAACP" was placed into a miniature coffin. The NAACP was then ceremoniously covered with dirt. The mistake, made by 21-year old Sarah Beane, came from an overall lack of understanding about the point of the exercise.

"I organized this thing to get extra credit in my Sociology Class. I don't even really know what NAACP stands for," said Beane, a white student. When asked about how the part of the project to eliminate sexist language on campus was going, Miss Beane responded, "it's been a real bitch."


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