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malaysian airlines flight 370

Other News-Worthy World Events That Have Nothing to Do With the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Story

THE WORLD--- With CNN and other cable news networks providing around-the-clock coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, this news source has deemed it necessary to report on major national and world events currently being under-covered. As the world continues to turn, three stories steal the limelight back from the missing plane: Obama sends special forces to find Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony; both parties' politically-tweaked Affordable Care Act statistics confuse the masses; NCAA March Madness sweeps the country. At no point in this article will there be any news updates on the missing Malaysian jet liner.

'Humor Malaysian Airlines

President Obama is boosting efforts to find and bring warlord Joseph Kony to justice in Uganda. Special forces and as many as four Osprey aircraft have been deployed to the region. Tracking Kony's whereabouts has proven difficult since communication has been lost and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 stopped transmitting information. Investigators are still unsure if the flight remained on course to Beijing or if it changed its plotted course. Malaysian military radar indicates the flight abruptly changed direction and is now believed to be down in the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysian Airlines flight 370

In the debate over the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, both Republicans and Democrats offer very differing "facts" on the new law's success. Speaker John Boehner and company are arguing there has been an overall net loss of insured Americans, where as Democrats claim Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 made an intentional right turn before total contact was lost with the plane. One theory is that the 444 pounds of Lithium Ion batteries on board may have filled the lungs of crew members and passengers with a poisonous gas.

humor malaysian airlines

Last night in NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament action, two number-one seeds coasted into the Sweet 16 as Malaysian authorities report that the once vanished Flight 370 is believed to have "ended" in the Indian Ocean. Top-seeded University of Virginia shot 56% from the floor as guard Joe Harris scored 16 points. Harris said, "everything was going in. The basket seemed enormous, a lot like the search radius for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. It was a great team effort."

Malaysia airlines flight 370 humor

As world news interferes with the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 story, Joke Grenade will be there to cover it. Hey, did you hear that the U.S. and China are using state-of-the-art technology to search for the missing plane? Of course, you have. What are we thinking?


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