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  • Not Cowboys

    Nashville Scandal: Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw Not Real Cowboys

    Allegations are swirling that both Country Stars wear cowboy hats for apparently no reason. Neither musician was available for comment while knocking back Cran-tini's and Sea Breezes at TGIFridays.

  • No Bullies

    Class President Strong Arms Student Body Into Participating in Anti-Bullying Week

    Class President Tyler Swenson has been waiting to tag Connor Johnson in the face all semester. The rest of the Student Body is expected to fall in line if they know what's good for them.

  • drone attack

    Fear of Death-By-Drone Attack Keeps Motorists in Line

    FREDERICKSBURG, VA--- After just three months of the Commonwealth's controversial new Sky Enforce Law, traffic violations throughout the state are way down. The law is clear and simple...

  • parade violence

    Gays, Klansmen Tussle in Street Battle

    CHICAGO, IL--- Dozens of brawls erupted on the streets of Chicago when two floats from overlapping parade routes collided Saturday...

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  • Bank of America Fees

    Bank of America to Introduce 'Because You Bank Here' Fee

    Hidden Fee To Be Used to Pay the People Who Dust, Vacuum and Perform Regular Maintenance on Customer Checking Accounts.

  • transformers

    Michael Bay Granted Permission to Blow Up Washington Monument

    WASHINGTON, DC--- Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay will team up again to make the fourth installment of the Transformers...

  • Group Think Attack

    Angry Mob Nearly Kills Keynote Speaker at "Group Thinking" Seminar

    Had the Angry Mob Not Suddenly Shifted Their Focus to Anti-Obama Cheers, Dr. James Vandenberg May Have Been Killed.

  • mugshot

    Mug Shot Robs Amish Man of His Soul

    INTERCOURSE, PA--- Calvin George Yoder, arrested last month for driving a horse-drawn carriage under the influence of alcohol, was sentenced to thirty days in county jail yesterday...


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