"News In Photos" Archive

  • Couple Outside of Coors Field in Denver

    Couple Claims To Have Qualified for 'Mile High Club' After Honeymooning in Denver

    Sex Romp in Coors Field Cheap Seats "Clinched It" According to Newlyweds.

  • Warm Sodas

    Complaints of Lukewarm Refreshments at NCAA Heat Exhaustion Seminars

    Diet Cokes on Top Never Got Cold and Only Drink That is Not Warm is Shitty-Ass Tab.

  • Dallas TV Show

    Hit TV Show Dallas Renews Tony Romo's Contract for Ninth Season

    Popular Actor to Reprise Role of Oil Tycoon and Part-Time Quarterback in the Hit TV Series

  • Spelling Bee

    Second-Grader From Wichita, Kansas Wins National Speling Bea

    The Winning Word Was O-N-O-M-A-T-O-P-E-I-A...
    I Mean ...O-E-I-A. Awww, Shit!

Featured News Archive

  • Lady on a Plane

    Tales of Vacation Sins Return Home With Las Vegas Resident, Loophole Unfair

    Not Fair That "What Happens in Akron Doesn't Necessarily Stay in Akron."

  • Annoying Co-Worker

    Irritating Co-Worker Keeps Saying "Roger" and "Copy That"

    Cubicle-Mate Also Says, "Over and Out," After Finishing His TPS Reports.

  • Catholic Missionary

    Catholic Church Embarks on Global Sex Education Project, Missionary Style

    Church to Use Pet Rabbits as Instructional Tool.

  • couple on a date

    No-Second-Date With Feminist Direct Result of Careless Title Nine Comment

    Not Having Varsity Men's Water Polo Team Really Not That Fucking Important in Hindsight.


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